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If you need any assistance with your search or with using our site, we’re here to help. Here are the most common questions and answers. If you don’t see your issue listed here, please contact us.

Will you help me look for a job?
No. The employers and affiliate recruiters we represent pay us to help find the most talented and experienced people for their job openings.  Looking for a job is YOUR job!
Does this service cost the jobseeker?
No.  And it never will.  Our services are paid by those employers/affiliate recruiters mentioned above.
I just applied for a job, where did my information go?
When you apply online, your information is forwarded to the recruiter handling that position.
I just applied for a job, what happens next?
If you are a close match, the recruiter handling that position will contact you to discuss the job and employer in detail and then start working to schedule interviews.
I can't find any jobs that meet my criteria. What do I do?
Bookmark our site and come back regularly.  We update it in real time.  Or, you can create a “Career Alert” which will email you the moment a new job opening is posted that matches your criteria. Alerts are an option to create after you run a search.
How do I cancel my account?
Please email a request to and you will be removed within 72 hours.
How do I update my resume or change my email address/password?
Click Submit Resume and attached the updated resume.
Will you help me get the highest possible salary?
Yes.  Because the placement fee we receive from the employer/affiliate recruiter is based on the $ amount of your new salary. The more you earn, the more we earn.
Who has access to my information?
Your registration information is only visible to the Cameron Craig Group and our affiliate recruiters.  We only submit your resume to an employer after speaking with you about it, and gaining your permission to do so.
Do you sell access to your database to other companies?
Never. Your information is completely private and we never share it with anyone without your permission.
Issues with the site?
Please clear your cache, if the problem persists please contact us.
How do I search by keyword?
Your keywords are best used to describe your skills or the industry you want to work in. You’ll see job results that include those keywords and jobs that require related skills.
How do I search by location?
Enter city, state, or zip code (or any combination) for your job location.
How do I edit/delete my saved Career Alert(s)?
You can click the REMOVE ALERT/UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of the job alert email.
How do I add a cover letter?
This is not a feature we have at the moment.
Can I post multiple versions of my resume?
No.  Please make one version that is general enough to be applicable to any job of which you wish to apply.
I'm a PERFECT FIT for this job. What else can I do?
First, confirm that you:
A) meet ALL the listed skills, experience and educational requirements
B) are 100% interested in job duties and responsibilities
C) are completely comfortable with the listed salary range
D) are fully aware of the job location and prepared to relocate (if necessary) to accept the position

Then take a few minutes to go LINE BY LINE through the job requirements, explaining in RED the details of how your background and experiences meet them.

Feel free include any additional information that you feel will further explain your qualifications for this job.

Email your line-by-line comments and your Word format resume to  Be sure to reference the “Job title and ID #” in the subject line of the email.

We will contact the recruiter to share your detailed responses and encourage them to contact you directly.

Our goal is to help you get interviews.  If you’re a “perfect fit” this method is sure to get your application noticed.